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The firm specializes in all aspects of design, construction, maintenance, and renovation of residential, commercial, and public landscapes.

Elevating Nature's Canvas:

Contemporary Landscaping Trends

Landsculpt began its creative journey in the early 1990's by exploring the relationship between landscapes and the people who inhabit them. The early study served as the foundation for the designs of Landsculpt's founder, Deborah Walker.

Set on the premise that a balanced environment has a positive effect on peoples lives and can serve to stimulate the imagination and open the heart, Deborah began to develop and produce a body of work. Her projects emphasize site sensitivity and the integration of the landscape and the architecture that exist together on the palette, showing meticulous attention to the details.

An undergraduate degree in Textiles from California College of the Arts and a graduate degree from the University of Washington, Department of Landscape Architecture including a Certificate in Urban Design, Deborah has assembled a team of craftspeople who precisely interpret her designs and enhance the lives of those who experience these built and natural environments.


Our Services

Water Feature

Water features in landscaping introduce elements like fountains, ponds, or waterfalls, adding a tranquil and decorative dimension to outdoor spaces. These features not only enhance visual appeal but also contribute to a soothing atmosphere, creating a harmonious balance within the landscape. Get Water features that accentuate the beauty of your home and outdoors with the expertise of Landsculpt.



Landscaping lighting enhances outdoor spaces by strategically placing fixtures to illuminate paths, features, and architectural elements, adding both aesthetic appeal and functional visibility during the evening. Thoughtfully designed lighting can create a welcoming ambiance, highlight key elements, and extend the use of outdoor areas after dark. Add a new dimension to your outdoors with Landsculpt's lighting services.


Patio Installations

Patio installations in landscaping involve creating outdoor living spaces by constructing flat, paved surfaces typically made of materials like concrete, pavers, or stone. These functional and visually appealing areas provide a foundation for furniture and activities, transforming outdoor spaces into comfortable and inviting extensions of the home. Transform your outdoors into an oasis of comfort and serenity with Landsculpt's expert Patio Installation services.



In landscaping, pruning involves selectively trimming or cutting back branches, stems, or foliage of plants to promote healthy growth, enhance aesthetics, and maintain desired shapes. This practice helps control plant size, remove dead or damaged parts, and encourage the development of robust and well-structured landscapes. Rejuvenate your garden and plants with Landsculpt's pruning services.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces:

The Artistry of Landscaping



Our Philosophy

Our approach is one of environmental care and consciousness.




Construction, maintainance or renovation Landsculpt can identify and fit your needs.



Our Portfolio

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A New Beginning

Whether you want to breathe new life into your old designs or want to completely recreate an entire estate, you will be amazed at the vibrancy and balance we can bring to your existing piece of land.

When we repair or improve your existing environment, we do so with a sense of respect for the space, and that means minimum necessary impact. Sometimes we simply transplant and reposition existing plants and shrubs, which can do wonders. Pruning can make a huge difference in improving the aesthetics of existing gardens that are becoming mature.

Old trees, ponds and waterfalls, too, hold a wealth of potential. We can sculpt a new look for them, both alongside and in the water.

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